About us

La Valsabbia srl in Vobarno (Brescia), is specialized in the production and sale of AISI 304-316 stainless steel handles, pull handles and accessories manufactured by carefully selected companies with whom La Valsabbia has developed a reliable and productive partnership over the years. The cooperation with Italian handles producers and manufacturers of stainless steel items, has enabled La Valsabbia not only to reach high levels of technichal knowledge and skills but also to meet the market requirements in the most efficient and professional way.

La Valsabbia building in Vobarno, Brescia Italia EU

An accurate selection of products has led La Valsabbia to achieve exclusive distributions of its articles and has enabled the company to become in a short time a specialized supplier of stainless steel handles, stainless steel pull handles, stainless steel accessories (furniture handles, mail boxes, door stoppers, hinges etc.), sliding doors locks and accessories in other materials.

All these above items are resistant to corrosion, occurring as a result of oxidasation due to weather condition and geographical location. Oxidation corrodes the material (iron, brass, copper) ruins the surface and weakens its structure.
Stainless steel resistance to corrosion is due to the process of passivation, which consists in a formation of a thin protective layer generated by chrome's reaction with oxygen in the air.
Therefore stainless steel products maintain their structural characteristics and surface conditions unalterated through the years.
La Valsabbia can also offer customised products according to the clients needs.
All our catalogue items are immediately available from our warehouse. Special orders can be delivered according to production leading time.
A technical structure has been implemented to study and develop new products with highly competitive prices according to the market's requirements.
The quality of La Valsabbia handles meets the requirements of several different types of buyers such as handle manufacturers, wholesale ironmongers, door producers, public corporations, hospital and hotels, etc.
La Valsabbia stainless steel handles and pull handles are suitable for wooden, aluminium, pvc and glass doors and windows; high durability and strong chemical structure, allows them to be suitable for many kinds of enviroments and, thanks to these features, maintenance costs are very low.
Their elegance and modern appearance makes them particularly appropriate for hotels, hospitals and public structures, due to the fact that they are made of a hygenic material which is also easy to clean.
Stainless steel handles (particulary made by AISI 316) are also recommended for coastal locations thanks to their high corrosion resistance.
Stainless steel is also an eco-friendly material because it is 100% recyclable.